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Become an Apprentice or Recruit and Train an Apprentice 

Given today's market, which is ever so competitive in every industry with these changing times. The demand to hire quality and in some cases, good quantity of employees, has never been greater in driving a productive workforce.

All businesses, from small medium enterprises to large corporations, will need to recruit, where demand is necessary. Due to business volume and staff shortages, which can impact growth in equal measures.

Employers' can turn to seeking new employees, by means of Apprenticeship. 

The learners who seek to become Apprentices, have drive, enthusiam and will eventually, become fully trained business oriented to meet the demands of any organisation.

Ben Recruitment, partnership(s) with a variety of organisation(s) to bring both the Apprentice and the employer together. 

To embody, both the training and working experience as part of the incentive for the parties involved, to benefit from working within the UK Government guidelines.

The Apprentice

Enrolment Information 

Who is eligible to take part in an Apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are open to new employees or existing employees taking on a new role within a UK based company.

The Apprentice needs to:

  • Be the minimum school leaving age in UK.
  • Be about to take up paid employment as an apprentice with a UK based company, or be an existing employee in a UK based company who is about to undertake a new role that requires significant training and development.
  • Employed by national companies that have operations in UK who are employed at least 50 per cent of their time in UK and completing their directed training in UK with an approved training contractor.
  • Be permanently contracted to work a minimum of 21 hours per week (which includes time for 'off-the-job' training).
  • Meet the entry requirements of their chosen occupation; some apprenticeships require, for example, General Certificates of Secondary Education (GCSEs).

A Higher Level Apprentice needs to, as a minimum:

  • Be employed or be about to take up paid employment as an apprentice, or be an existing employee moving to a new job role, with a UK based company.
  • Work a minimum of 21 hours per week (which includes time for ‘off-the-job’ training).
  • Have achieved all necessary entry qualifications determined by the relevant sector.
  • Pass any entry tests specified by the relevant sector.
  • Be the minimum school leaving age in UK.

The learner would need to have been enrolled either, in a college or with a training provider. To be able to undertake, a recognised work based training qualification as an Apprentice.

Apprentice Responsibility

As an Apprentice, you will be required and expected to adhere, to the following:

  • Be an employee earning a salary (more information).
  • Work and mentored alongside an experienced staff
  • Gain job specific, related skills
  • As an Apprentice, you will be accommodated by undertaking training and studying related to your job role ( a minimum of 20% of normal working hours)
  • Co-operate with their Mentor in meeting targets set in their tutorial 'Individual Learning Plan'.

As an Apprentice, keep in mind Appreticeships can take up to one to five years to complete, dependent on their qualifications level.

Information for levels of Apprenticeship, is to be found further down this page.

This recruitment agency, will do its utmost, to keep up to date with new government announcements concerning, the educational fields involving Apprenticeships.

The Employer

Employing an Apprentice

Apprenticeship Training

An Apprenticeship is a work-based training programme, most of the training is 'on-the-job' with you as the employer. 

This is usually four days a week. The rest is provided 'off-the-job', one day a week.

All of the Level 2 and Level 3 Apprenticeship qualifications are set out in a framework and are available at Levels 2 and 3. 

They have been developed in liaison with industry representatives and are therefore tailored to ensure they meet the needs of your industry.

As an employer, this recruitment agency will ensure that the experience of taking up, an Apprentice as a new employee, in your workforce, a relatively simple process, from start to finish. 

Dependent on the apprentice qualifications or job role, so that all parties are familiar and the information is transparent.

An employment of an Apprentice,  qualifies an employer for  Apprenticeship Levy

Employer Responsibility 

  • To help Apprentices develop their knowledge, skills and behaviours by providing a wide range of learning and training opportunities within the workplace.
  • Paying Apprentices an agreeed upon wage ( a reflection of at least the National Apprenticeship minimum wage)
  • Allow Apprentices to attend off-the-job training sessions at the agreed times.
  • Help Apprentices to put into practice what they have learnt during off-the-job training sessions.
  • Showing a commitment to equal opportunities and safeguarding
  • Give Apprentices time in the workplace to complete required apprenticeship work.
  • Provision for a safe working environment 
  • Initiate a meeting with us if you have any concerns about any aspect of the training delivery.
  • Allowance of the Apprentice to regularly attend their Functional Skills as per their Apprenticeship
  • Allowance of the Apprentice to 6 to 8 weekly progress reviews (reflection of the Apprentices meeting their objectives)

This recruitment agency, will do its utmost, to keep up to date with new government schemes and funding around Apprenticeships, as it arises.

Types of Apprenticeship 

The benefits Apprenticeships, is that it offers learners the chance to learn new work experience and educational skills to be progress in their chosen career aspirations.

In the same instnaces, Apprenticeships offer businesses, from various industries, an excellent way to upskill their workforce staff and ultimately, boost their productivity.

Earn While You Learn

Construction and Trades Apprentice

There are several opportunities from, Architect, Bricklaying, Carpentry to Electrical. Provided, the learner has signed up, to undertake an Apprenticeship in their chosen field. The leaner will be provided with a local employer, to perform their work experience, as well as on ste team of facilities and trainers with indepth industry experience, to nuture the learner in their respective field.

Team Leader and  Management 


Given, today's competitive environment and the need to help tackle, performance issues, to improve productivity and performance. Encountered, in many leadership and management in various indurty sectors, from small medium enterprises to large corporations.

The learner, would need to have enrolled with a provider. The Team Leadership and Apprenticeship are designed to provide professional qualifications and skills to the learner to excel in this Apprenticeship. The length of training varies and could be anything from 12 months to three to four years. Of course, this is dependent on the learner’s Apprenticeship, start time and the job the learner undertakes.

A Team leader and Management Degree, could be for the following:

  • Front Line Managers
  • Junior Managers
  • Supervisors 
  • Operationsal Managers
  • Regional Managers
  • Senior Managers
  • Head of Departnments   

To name but a few, which the learner would need to undertake to gain, a specific qualifications for their career aspirations.

Childcare, Health and Social Care


Childcare, Health and Social Care, qualifications is a necessity. Given recent development and challenges faced. This recruitment agency, partnered with institutions and  stakeholders, will ensure that learners will undertake work experience employment in nurseries, care home, and hospital. To give learners undertanding of a hands-on experience.

The learners will be supported by teacher/employer  professionals, who have a wealth of experience, in looking after children, young people and adults professionally. Whilst, sharing their industry expertise to benefit the learner.

Business Administration


Undertaking, Business courses, the learner will be immersed in various aspects of adminitration, finance, human resources and marketing. Which is the ethos of most, if not all businesses, from small medium enterprises to large corporations.

The learner, will be guided by their respective provider to study for instance, Accounting. 

The learner, will achieve practically from Level 1 to Level 3/4 (provided that the leaner is seeking educational growth to university standards). A nationally, recognised qualifications from AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians), ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) and ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales).

List of The Apprenticeship Framework

The Apprentice and the Employer, will notably be keen, to seek a more pronounced list of the live and withdrawn Apprenticeship Framework. 

Which this recruitment agency, will keep you regularly updated. 

Read More

Apprenticeship Levels of Qualifications 

An Apprenticeship can give an employee the training and qualifications they need to meet an employers business needs. 

An Apprenticeship levels of qualifications, are equivalent from the following:

  • Level 2 - Intermediate Level Apprenticeships (5 GCSEs)
  • Level 3 - Advanced Level Apprenticeships (2 A Levels)
  • Level 4 and 5 - Higher Apprenticeships (equivalent to a Foundation Degree)
  • Levels 6 and above (Bachelor or Master's Degree)

The qualifications from Level 2 and Level 6 Apprenticeships are set out in a frameworks, (go to List of The Apprenticeship Framework) which have been developed in liaison with industry representatives, to ensure they are tailored to meet the needs of your business sector.

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Safeguarding of an Apprentice

Ben Recruitment, has a strict adherence of guidelines for the provision of Safeguarding Policies and Procedures. In accordance, with governments whole Apprenticeship format, from the beginning, up until the end of the scheme’s tenure.

Our information, in this particular subject area, will be regularly applied and updated frequently. So, that both the learner(s) and employer(s) are equipped to carry out necessary due diligence prior to proceeding with an Apprenticeship.

As an employer, taking care of a young worker, under the age of 18, who aspire to be an Apprentice. Need to apply, a 'Duty of Care' as set under the current statutory government’s legislation.

The learner(s) will have Safeguarding Measures to adhered too, by their respective employer. 

The employer(s) will have Safeguarding Measures to adhered too, in accordance to government policy.

We have provided, essential reading information, for both the learner and the employer. 

To give transparency, too guidances and measures surrounding Apprenticeship.

Keeping Children Safe In Education

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Keeping Learner Safe Online

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Prevent Duty Guidance

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