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Ben Recruitment Timesheet for employee(s) recruited for either 'Contract' or 'Temporary' job opportunities

Ben Recruitment's Contract or Temporary employees need to complete paper Timesheets as a record to validate the hours or days you have worked for our client(s) and to ultimately ensure you are paid at the end of each work.

Completing your timesheet in a correct manner is important to guarantee that the employee is paid correctly and on time.

Record Timesheet

Contract or Temporary employees will need to record the time spent on worked job shift on a weekly Timesheet.

This can be either the number of days or hours on a shift depending on the terms of your contract.

All worked daily shift hours will need to be inserted on your in the appropriate column of when you started and the time you finished work accurately.

Client Signatures

All employees will need to ensure the information at the top of your timesheet is easy to read, especially your name, the site which you undertook the work to ensure your Timesheet is allocated to the right employee file with the agency.

If you are to start on a new contract, do make sure sure you find out who will be confirming the days or hours you have worked on shift assignment.

Once you have acknowledged the co-signer, they will need to sign your Timesheet every week before you send it over to the agency.

Submission of Timesheet

Employees are able to send completed Ben Recruitment paper timesheet on any one of these electronic platforms with use of clear picture message on email or via Whatsapp or text message from a computer or a smartphone device to your respective consultant to ensure it gets to payroll services to be processed for wages payment.

These images will need to be a 'clean and clear' photo of your completed Timesheet, to be able to be seen as well as read clearly by the other party (payroll) to who will processing your payment.

An A4 photo covering all 'four' corners of the Timesheet will need to presented, in your photo image, to guarantee a secure submission to payroll who will evidently ensure wages are accurately paid for the number of day(s) and hour(s) completed for job completed on behalf of the agency for the client.

If you are a Limited Company Contract, please do not forget to send an invoice alongside your Timesheet following the same submission process highlighted above.

Deadline for Timesheet Submission

Ben Recruitment often work to weekly deadlines in order to pay salaries on time.

We encourage all employees either on Contract or Temporary shift assignment(s) Timesheet for the previous week to send submission to be in no later than Monday before 4pm, to guarantee wage payment.

Simply download the Timesheet with the use of the link:

Download Timesheet 

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