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B​en Recruitment 

Customised Professional Staffing Services for Your Business 

At Ben Recruitment, we are committed to helping employers and employees advance through our consultancy services.

Our main tools are human support, technology and social media.

What We Do

  • Offering professional and friendly service
  • Giving the best value
  • Providing tried and tested and reliable resources that meet your needs
  • Creating a close and collaborative working partnership with you
  • Implementing thorough procedures and best practices to ensure successful recruitment and development of staff
  • Placing the right employees while ensuring consistency and continuity
  • Conducting pre-service visits to understand your specific requirements before placement
  • Conducting service monitoring to obtain feedback
  • Listening to and acting on all feedback received

Grades Recruited

  • Apprenticeship (Coming Soon)
  • Temporary
  • Contractual
  • Permanent

Industries Supported

    • Childcare
    • Education
    • Driving
    • Catering and Hospitality
    • Healthcare
    • Sales
  • Recruitment and HR
  • Social Care
  • Property and Construction
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Accountancy
  • Banking
    • Finance
    • Marketing
    • Advertising
    • Public Relations
    • Industry
    • IT

Executive Search and Senior Appointments

We offer a personal approach to finding the candidate with the best capabilities and experience.

Executive Search

Outsourcing Permanent Workforce

Expect us to deliver the right manpower with utmost professionalism regardless of when you need permanent internal hires. 

We do not simply opt for easy and quick fixes, which can impede the cultural workforce that you already have established.

We are aware that each organisation we collaborate with has a unique business model context within their own confines.

By continuously listening and making the necessary adjustments along the way, we intend to meet all service expectations in providing diverse talent, thereby allowing you to make hiring decisions with unrestricted confidence.

We carefully integrate our abilities as specialists to meet your demands with real value. We strive to outsource in a timely fashion through innovative technology.

Services for Employers 

  • Immediate Temporary Cover (Personnel on Site Within One to Three Hours)

  • Temporary Holiday/Sickness/Maternity Cover
  • Temporary-to-Permanent Employee Search
  • Contract Employee Search
  • Executive Search
  • Senior Appointment

Selection Criteria

Deliver service that meets your expectations and requirements.

With business trading period becoming ever so tight to conduct engagement.

Provide flexible and innovative ways to arrange pre-service meetings with you.

Enable our experts to obtain relevant information to accurately assess the right talent for your business.

Respond quickly and efficiently to meet your temporary cover recruitment needs.

Improved Recruitment Experience

In today’s competitive job market, companies stretch their sources in an effort to hire the cream of the crop. 

Whether you are going for a small firm or a multi-national one, you should keep in mind that it should meet all your requirements. 

Consider the following criteria when selecting a staffing agency:

Staff Search Results

Take a look at an agency’s hiring statistics and disregard its years in the business, its company size and the people it has worked with. Measure its success by:

  • Quality of Hire
  • Speed of Hiring Process
  • Retention Rate of Employees
  • Employee Performance
  • Manager Satisfaction

Comprehensiveness of the Recruitment Database

To produce top candidates, the firm uses a database of individuals that have been previously identified. Mostly, the candidates are currently employed and are top performers in their workplace.

The agency has industry connections and candidates from your competitors. It should have a database of continuously updated resumes and also offers a percentage of diverse referrals from under-represented jobs.

Effectiveness of Processes

The firm must be efficient in various areas to ensure that positive results are constantly produced. 

It should utilise technology and other resources in scouting for candidates. 

Consistent and dependable, recruiters must also be knowledgeable about your company culture and can provide consultation on in-house recruitment and other related subjects.

Quality of Customer Service and Responsiveness to Your Needs

A firm must be able to provide updated candidate information and constant evaluations. 

It responds to clients in a timely manner and can adjust to their varying requirements. 

Ultimately, the candidates and the company executives are satisfied with a recruitment agency’s performance.

Its Principles, Values and Ethics

With maintaining a clean track record, recruiters will do what it takes to protect their image as well as their clients. 

Reliable staffing firms will uphold your rights by maintaining your privacy and not exploiting your own recruitment database. 

Additionally, recruitment agencies must adhere to state and federal laws, other industry standards and your own company values.

Thorough Interview Process

Each applicant goes through a face-to-face interview with one of our recruitment professionals. We ensure the following:

  • ID and Entitlement to Work are thoroughly checked and verified.
  • Levels of skill and knowledge are assessed using appropriate testing methods.
  • References are obtained and verified.
  • Qualifications, training and licences are validated.

Disclosure and Barring Service

We work in collaboration with a registered body centre to assist those looking to obtain full Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS). Making an application with the organisation is a simple process subject to fee cost per application. 

The application processing is advised can take up to 2 months. 

Please do seek assistance from our representative for additional support in getting a DBS accreditation. Moreover, we maintain a consistent pool of DBS-checked staff prior to deployment to specific industry sector.

Services for Employees 

You are guided by a representative every step of the way, thereby giving you control and helping you make an impact on your aspirations. 

In addition to posting job-related materials on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, we support you in finding new opportunities by helping you in the following areas.


Expand your jobsearch by utilising LinkedIn and similar sites. 

Our team is highly experienced in finding job prospects for candidates through social media and other innovative platforms.


Get valuable advice and effective interview techniques that you can use for telephone, video and group interview scenarios. 

Our interview assistance services are specifically tailored to help you secure your prospective job.

Curriculum Vitae**

Make your CV stand out by improving it with the fast, efficient and personalised help of our experts. 

We have an array of templates, which are designed to emphasize your skills and career highlights. 

Should you wish to receive a professional CV service of highest quality ranging from a Standard Format to Senior Executive CV Format to guarantee employer viewing recognition please get in contact with us.

Register CV

Cover Letter

Learn how to write a concise but compelling cover letter that will catch the eye of your dream employer. 

We also offer letter templates, which are easy to follow and guaranteed effective.

Cover Letter

Training and Development

You are trained and developed regardless of whether you are applying for a temporary or a permanent position. 

We want you to perform to the best of your abilities for your future employer. 

You are provided beneficial training sessions and courses that are appropriate to your prospective position.


Timesheet are available on our website and will need to be presented to the employer you undertake either 'Temporary' or 'Contractual' job assignment.

Electronic Timesheet


You need to legibly fill out and submit your timesheet by a certain deadline once your assignment is confirmed. 

You will be paid weekly, and your payslip can be posted or emailed.

*Applicable to temporary and on going contracts

** Subject to fee and turnaround period

Registration and One-to-One Consultation*

We offer consultation services, which last one hour at most, through which we examine your previous or current profession to determine a route towards hopefully sustaining employment. The consultation is held by one of our representatives after you register, which is optional.

We analyse your work experience and skills to arrive at a compelling agreement to pursue the right path to either temporary or permanent contract. This practical, interactive and confidential service is guaranteed to lead you to your preferred career path.

Your CV, qualifications and accreditations are then validated through either face-to-face meeting or electronic communication and reviewed against your prospective job role. Your references are checked professionally and confidentially, and your eligibility to work in the UK is validated through accurate identification.

Read Client Testimonials

Ben Recruitment 



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